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Incentives during a COVID-19 pandemic

Incentives during a COVID-19 pandemic
Incentives during a COVID-19 pandemic02.04.2021Owing to lockdown the Ukrainian business daily losses billions of hryvnyas.
It is the service industry that is particularly affected including cafes and restaurants, travel agencies, theaters, and cinemas. However, this trend is relevant not only for Ukraine but also all over the world.
Some national strategies aimed at saving businesses in different countries are shown below.
Germany. Enterprises employing less than 5 people received a one-time compensation equal to € 9,000, and enterprises with a staff of up to 10 people received up to € 15,000. The government also approved the fast-track credit program for small and medium-sized companies. If the number of company’s employees constituted from 11 to 50 people, then such an organization could get a loan of up to € 500 thousand against a 100% state guarantee.
Italy. The self-employed citizens who had suffered losses due to quarantine restrictions were provided with one-time aid of € 600. Moreover, some taxes were abolished and the tax debts of certain groups of people were written off.
It is currently forbidden to dismiss any employees in the country.
Poland. The country spent more than $ 40 billion to support businesses during the pandemic. Employees of small companies were exempted from paying social contributions, and small businesses were enabled to receive subsidies that are not subject to further reimbursement.