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Ecological disaster in Zaporizhzhia

Ecological disaster in Zaporizhzhia
Ecological disaster in Zaporizhzhia05.04.2021More than 200 enterprises polluting the atmosphere with harmful emissions are registered in Zaporizhzhia.    According to environmentalists, more than 150 harmful substances get into the city's atmosphere every day, including compounds of lead, chromium, manganese dioxide, and benzopyrene compounds, and the carbon disulfide level is usually 1.5-2 times over the limit.
To determine the level of air pollution so-called mobile laboratories have been operating in the city since 2018.  Every day, specialists take measurements of 19 air quality indicators in different parts of the city.
Upon obvious violation detection, the laboratory staff can turn to the environmental inspectorate, which in its turn is entitled to make a more detailed inspection of any company.
To solve the air pollution problem, it is necessary to modernize obsolete manufacturing facilities, as well as to review legislatively the responsibility for environmental damage, such as the operation of plants without active cleaning filters.