Investments and corporate managementAnalysis and proposals as to improving the investment regime of Ukraine, as well as development of institutional changes to the economic environment of the state with state stakeholders involvement. Public campaigns to improve the level of economic security of investors in Ukraine, corporate governance rules implementation. Analysis of investment projects of any level of complexity with involving technical specialists, corporate lawyers and business experts. Analytical research and mapping partners’ risks and regional business climate.
Infrastructure projectsPromoting the activation of public-private partnership, international concessions for Ukraine's infrastructure development - both national and regional, supporting process of attracting investment to  united territorial communities. Applying relevant legislative initiatives to state strategy development process.
Green energyParticipating in working-out the strategy of renewable energy development in Ukraine. Drawing up a roadmap and communication supporting the projects in the field of energy, decarbonization, in particular, green hydrogen. Promoting the development of the state "Hydrogen Strategy" and promoting the philosophy of the Ukrainian Green Deal in the context of the European Green Deal.
Educational programsTraining programs development, economic analytics, scientific programs and research activity. Increasing awareness of preschool, school and student youth as to the environmental issues, sustainable economic development